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Guinea Pigs

'Sprouts' Guinea pig Christmas Bauble

Guinea Pig cross stitch card

'Guinea be a Great Day' Guinea Pig Cross Stitch card

Guinea pig keyring

'Dandy Day' Guinea Pig Keyring

Guinea pig and rabbit treat tin

Guinea Pig and Rabbit Treat Tin

Guinea pig reed diffuser

'Lettuce be Friends' Hedgerow Reed Diffuser


'Sprouts' Candle Jar

Country animal, dog and cat Christmas stickers

'The Country Set Christmas' Country Animal Stickers


'Twist and Sprout' guinea pig Cross Stitch card

Rabbit, guinea pig and rabbit watch with a pink coloured strap

'Piggy in the Middle' Guinea Pig & Rabbit Watch

from £50.00
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Daphne Guinea Pig Plush Character

'Daphne' guinea pig Character

from £30.00
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'Dandy Day' guinea pig artwork print

'Dandy Day' guinea pig print

from £40.00
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Guinea pig surrounded by dandelions birthday card

'Dandy Day' Guinea Pig Birthday card

The Country Set Stickers

'The Country Set' Country Animal Stickers

Guinea Pig and rabbit Pen

'Whiskers and Paws' Guinea Pig Pen

Grinny Pig Small Gift Bag

'Grinny Pig' Guinea Pig Small Gift Bag

Piggy in the Middle Umbrella

'Piggy in the Middle' Guinea Pig & Rabbit Umbrella

Guinea pig and rabbit striped t-shirt

‘Piggy in the Middle’ Guinea Pig & Rabbit T-Shirt

from £30.00
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Guinea pigs in woolly hats Christmas card

'It's Be-Guinea…' guinea pig Christmas Card

Guinea pig, rabbit and hamster set of three notebooks

'Whiskers and Paws' Guinea pig & Hamster Set of 3 Notebooks

Guinea pig socks

'Grinny Pig' guinea pig Socks

Rabbit, guinea pig and hamster lunch bag

'Piggy in the Middle' Guinea pig & rabbit Lunch Bag

Guinea pig, rabbit and hamster postcard

'Piggy in the middle' guinea pig & rabbit Postcard


'Sprouts' guinea pig mug


'Piggy in the Middle' guinea pig and rabbit mug and coaster set


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