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Domestic Animals

From guinea pigs to hamsters and rabbits choose your favourite design across a range of cards, stationery, gifts and homeware. Our items are perfect gifts for rabbit lovers and guinea pig lovers.

Illustrations of feline friends on a cat writing penIllustrations of feline friends on a cat writing pen

'Feline Friends' Cat Pen

Dog themed stationery with Illustrations of dogs on the penDog themed stationery with Illustrations of dogs on the pen

'A Dog's Life' dog Pen

Illustrations of fluffy pets on a purple penIllustrations of fluffy pets on a purple pen

'Whiskers and Paws' Guinea Pig Pen

a5 spiral bound notebook with dog illustrationSpaniel dog and tulip A5 spiral bound notebook

'Blooming with Love' Dog Notebook

Garden Friends Rabbit, Wren and Mouse Foldable Shopping Bag

'Garden Friends' Rabbit Foldable Shopper Bag

Labradoodle Bottle Bag

'Labradoodle' Dog Bottle Bag

Head Clover Heels Large Gift BagHead Clover Heels Large Gift Bag

'Head Clover Heels' Rabbit Large Gift Bag

Blooming with Love Large Gift Bag

'Blooming with Love' Spaniel Large Gift Bag

Feline Good Medium Gift Bag

'Feline Good' Cat Medium Gift Bag

Special Delivery Medium Gift Bag

'Special Delivery' Golden Retriever Medium Gift Bag

Grinny Pig Small Gift Bag

'Grinny Pig' Guinea Pig Small Gift Bag

Little Sausage Small Gift Bag'Little Sausage' dachshund small gift bag

'Little Sausage' Dachshund Small Gift Bag

Piggy in the Middle Umbrella

'Piggy in the Middle' Guinea Pig & Rabbit Umbrella

A Dog's Life Spaghetti TinA Dog's Life Spaghetti Tin

'A Dog's Life' Dog Spaghetti Tin

A Dog's Life Cake Tin NestA Dog's Life Cake Tin Nest

'A Dog's Life' Dog Cake Tin Nest


'Welcome Little Sausage' dachshund Cross Stitch card


'Special Delivery' golden retriever Cross Stitch card


'Bathtime' rabbit glass worktop saver


'Bathtime' rabbit Mug and Tray Set


Duck and Rabbit 2 Tier Cake Stand


Rabbit and Duck Coupe Plates


'Daisy' rabbit vase


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