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We're B Corp and we're buzzing about it.

After years of hard work and ongoing commitment to ensuring that our business positively impacts our customers, our community, our colleagues and the planet, we are delighted to announce that Wrendale is now a certified B Corporation! This is a huge milestone for our Wrendale family and we are incredibly proud to join a growing community of companies that are passionate about using their businesses as a force for good.


What does it mean to be a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are for-profit companies dedicated to using business as a force for good. B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Unlike traditional corporations, B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders: customers, workers, communities, and the environment.

Our Wrendale Impact

How did we get the B Corp accreditation?

At Wrendale Designs, our mission statement has always been that we are committed to using our business as a force for good. Our mission is to create sustainable and ethically produced giftware that brings joy to people's lives while also making a positive impact on the world. We believe in operating with transparency and accountability, and in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by sourcing materials responsibly, reducing waste, and supporting sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

To gain our B Corp accreditation, we were evaluated against five key categories – Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment & Community and gained a score of 81. From our sustainable products and packaging, our environmental and charitable initiatives to our dedication to making Wrendale a fantastic place to live, our B Corp certification is a celebration of our core Wrendale values.


The Wrendale Family 

Our success and sense of achievement is shared by our exceptional team, and we are dedicated to creating a happy and fulfilling environment for the Wrendale Family. In 2022 we adopted a 4-day workweek with no pay cut, significantly improving well-being and health. We ensure a minimum living wage and offer enhanced maternity and paternity packages to support our team through life's milestones. Additionally, we host team-building activities like Wrendale walks, summer sports days, and annual Summer and Christmas parties. We believe that when our employees thrive, our company thrives.


We Care About the Planet 

We are dedicated to producing products that are not only high quality but also good for the environment. We remove unnecessary plastic packaging wherever possible to minimize environmental impact and currently, 97% of our range is entirely plastic-free. We continually seek to introduce reusable options to our range which now includes water bottles, coffee cups, and foldable shopping bags. All our greeting cards and stationery are made from uncoated paper sourced from responsibly managed forests, and both our paper-based products and packaging are fully recyclable, with an increasing use of recycled materials. We have also replaced bubble wrap and plastic air-filled pockets with recycled paper filler which is also recyclable.


Giving Back

The Wrendale team go above and beyond to support local national and international causes that align closely with our values. We work with charities that support sustainable causes such as the Marine Conservation Society, who work towards cleaner, better-protected and healthier oceans. Locally, the team regularly take part in litter picking and take part in initiatives to support our local food bank.

Wild Wrendale

‘Wild Wrendale’ is a rewilding project set up by Hannah and Jack Dale, pushing boundaries to bring back lost species and habitats on their farm in rural Lincolnshire. ‘Wild Wrendale’ acts as a source of inspiration for future artwork - Hannah and Jack have already seen huge increases in biodiversity on the farm in the short space of time since the rewilding project started.

Read more about Wild Wrendale here.

How We Will Continue

This is just the beginning of our B Corp journey. There’s always room for improvement, and we are committed to doing just that. We are on a journey of continuous improvement, and our team, our customers and the environment will always be at the heart of what we do. Read more here.

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